Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

The God Have a Master Plan

i've got a extra complicated month. i've break with my girlfriend. it has been 2 weeks. oke i'll bring you back 3 months ago when eveerything start. this story begin in Pasar Seni Ancol at 24 October 2009. It was Urban Fest and i'm became a crew for my school, everything work properly until 6.00 pm i've a girlfriend name's Nabila Ismasari, she's complete me, i've got my empty part. so our's days begun. Everyday seem so perfect for me, spend my time with her, and everything we used to spend our time together 1.5 months, then it;s time for vacation and our feel seem gone, when we get back to school she's so cool and silent for me, then i ask her and she answer it. time slip by, it's 13 January and she gave me a surprise! the next 15 i've got wallet and "17 wishes paper" and next day its the day i never forget. She came to my home and we broke up, upset? yes, suck? absolutely, crying? honest, yes. So my part have vanish again, i'm incomplete again and i'll try to figure it out but it's so hard, even for guitarist metal like me. but it's our choice, now our day has gone, my life back to abnormal, keep me in silent, try to forget you, sing a song, stay away from you, not make a conversation, i've try all but i've got nothing, i'm still miss you, i miss the day we spend time together as a couple not a friend but now everything's  change. I've my life and you has your life. It's hard for me but i think isn't hard for you right? I don't know how much you hate me but i'm still love you, i wish some day we can be together again, but if God have another plan, i wish you'll fine and spend your life with happiness. i've made a plan for you and for me, but i thing God have a master plan and keep the plan in secret

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